I am in network with Premera. 

I am out of network with all other insurance companies.

Most insurances cover 50-100% of our session fees out of network.  Prior to contacting me to schedule a session, feel free to contact your insurance company and ask “what rate do you reimburse for CPT codes 90875 or 90837, outpatient mental health counseling?” Below if a bulleted list of questions to ask if this is helpful:

1. Do I have any out of network coverage?
2. What is my out of network coverage for mental health services?
3. What is my out of network deductible? (Often insurance plans have separate out of network deductibles)
4. What service codes does my plan cover without pre-authorization? (most plans cover 50 minute session with my usual code 90837, though some only cover the code 90834, which is for 45 minutes, not a code I typically use)

My clients pay full fee and I am happy to provide you with a superbill (receipt) for you to submit to your insurance for their out of network reimbursement.

$175 for initial 50 minute individual evaluation (90791

$150 for regular ongoing sessions (90837)

$175 for initial 50 minute individual evaluation (90791)

$200 for 80 minute sessions (recommended for Lifespan Integration or EMDR work) (90837, insurance won’t pay more for these longer sessions)