Books I recommend

Disordered Eating:

The nature of a struggle with an eating disorder is not about food.  Let this book give you some stories and metaphors to help you consider your relationship with food.  It will awaken your inner resources to transform your eating and self image in a life-giving acknowledgement of your own strength.

Fat isn’t the problem, dieting is.  Learn how to tune into your body’s God given, expert guidance.



Based on actual research, Gottman offers practical principles and exercises which would benefit any couple in maintaining an emotionally intelligent and long-lasting marriage.


Kids do well if they can and often, easily frustrated, inflexible individuals need time and opportunity to learn a different manner of living in their world. Kids and adolescents often need their parents to model the type of flexibility first and parents often need some help learning to do so.


If your child often explodes or implodes with his or her anger and you sometimes feel at your wits end, not sure how to best deal with your child, this group may be for you. If your explosive child impacts your family life, making it chaotic and out of control this book may be helpful.

Parenting amidst divorce:

divorce poison

If you have gone through a divorce or separation from your spouse, there have been children involved and you wonder how they are affected, this is an important book for you to read.