Root of Life Counseling

In light of COVID-19: To protect ourselves and our community, I am happy to engage in telehealth with clients who feel more comfortable working remotely.

Deciding that you may benefit from therapy is for many, a difficult decision to come to. My clients reach out to me for a variety of reasons: unhappiness, discontentment, or a general sense of unrest or chaos within themselves or their family. It takes immense courage to seek therapy, and then to show up and bring your experiences and needs into our sessions with the ultimate aim of decreases the conflict you feel inside. I have journeyed with many and firmly believe the at psychotherapy is a worthwhile investment into yourself.

How do I know if I need counseling?

  • Do you feel “stuck” in old patterns?  It may be helpful to start working with a therapist who will help you become aware of these patterns, and unconscious reasons for your repeated manners of relating.
  • Do you need another to help you see hope for the future? Whether you are struggling through a difficult life transition; divorce, change in school, recently blended family, etc. hope can be difficult to hold onto.
  • Do you feel trapped and need help managing overwhelming emotions such as anxiety, anger, or depression? Too often, we try to manage life on our own and outside of relationship, outside of support, life can easily become unmanageable.
  • Do you feel disconnected from your spouse, your family or the relationships which matter to you the most?  We were created for relationship and sometimes to honor and value our need for connection with other people can complex.  Failures in relationship often trigger deep parts of our selves which have been harmed before, usually in relationship.
  • First and foremost I hold tightly onto this: your strength and courage brought you here.  Your life is rooted in this strength.  Sometimes we all need reminders of our own capabilities.

Together, we can rebuild your desire to connect with others and with yourself.

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